Why do you want to buy Tecnovideo SS CCTV only?

             01. HIGH QUALITY                    

                        Tecnovideo CCTV equipment is made entirely from AISI316L, the best stainless steel money can buy.

            02.  COST TO QUALITY FACTOR                    

                        SS CCTV is forever! That fact makes it inexpensive. It will outlast anything else, especially if installed in aggressive environment.

            03.  2 YEAR WARRANTY                    

Standard 2 year Warranty can be extended by up to 3 more years for 5 years of worry free ownership.

            04.  EQUIPMENT VARIETY                    

                        There are more than 500 CCTV items ready to fulfill every task, everything from simple brackets to ATEX PTZ camera stations.

About Tecnovideo CCTV

Since 1999 TECNOVIDEO has manufactured innovative 100% Made in Italy stainless steel CCTV cameras, accessories and systems designed to resist in the most severe hazardous and corrosive environments. TECNOVIDEO guarantees quality, reliability and durability for the most demanding Oil & Gas, Marine and Industrial critical infrastructures.

Tecnovideo product range includes:

> Fixed camera stations
> Pan, tilt, zoom units (PTZ)
> Dual PTZ
> Pan and Tilt units
> Infrared Thermal imaging camera housing
> Infrared LED illuminators
> Washer systems
> Mounting brackets and accessories
> Conduit tails
> Armoured composite cable tails
> Junction box

We have supplied hundreds of prestigious Oil and Gas, Marine, Industrial, Automotive & Aerospace projects worldwide. Tecnovideo products are ideal for the following applications:

> Oil & Gas
> Marine (onshore and offshore)
> Industrial critical infrastructures
> Food industry plants and machineries
> Automotive
> Aerospace

TECNOVIDEO is made of a dedicated team of experienced professionals that will guide clients by means of customized solutions that assure productivity and safety with the highest quality, reliability and durability, for the Oil & Gas, Marine and Industrial critical infrastructures.

We are passionate about our work and each day we endevour to guide customers in selecting the right solutions to cater for their project specifications in order to achieve the maximum level of customers' satisfactions. We strive with passion towards achieving greater results and continuing to serve our clients offering unique and highly customized solutions.