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AdvantageX Solutions Ltd. is company that exists from March 2024. Registered and incorporated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as a federal company. After many years selling various security equipment we found niche in specialty equipment that is normally hard to find. Products we have and manufacturers we deal with are carefully selected and it is never something what we wouldn't use ourselves. 

We have two specialized WEB sites targeting specific security industry segments.

AdvantageX Solutions Ltd. site deals with heavy duty stainless steel CCTV camera enclosures, Housings only, pre-packaged camera stations, PTZ stations, regular and ATEX environment. It is all covered end to end with products that will never let you down. Also, there are CCTV camera solutions for extreme temperatures, like furnaces. Same WEB site has page with access cards for the physical access control systems. Last but not least there is a selection of smart cards with most popular chip cards on the market today. 

Advantage x solutions Smart Chip Card Solutions deals with smart cards programming. It is easy enough to buy chip cards these days but making functional systems with cards is another story. Here we offer custom smart card systems programming. Why spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars when we can do it for less? Smart: student ID systems, health cards, insurance cards, drivers license systems, National ID systems, Military ID, payments, gold and silver advanced wealth management, privately owned payment systems and much more ... Also industrial software solutions. AI vision analysis. 


AdvantageX Solutions Ltd.
40 Winslow Way
Stoney Creek, Ontario
Canada, L8J 0G9


Igor P.
Sales Manager
e-mail: sales@advantagex-solutions.com
SKYPE: Advantage x solutionssales
Telephone Canada: 1-905-469-0855 

Telephone USA: 1-941-870-9556
e-mail: sales@almexltd.com
SKYPE: Advantage x solutionssales

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