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Ready to go HD IP cameras that work up to 1800 deg. C - 3700 deg. F

Vision 1800 Cooled CCTV cameras Air and water cooled stainless steel camera enclosures that will work in hot industrial environment with temperatures of up to 1800 deg. C - 3270 deg. F.

Below you will find incomplete list of the cameras. They come in many versions. Proper one can be quoted after we get your inquiry with details. 

Telea Tecnovision

Using only the best!

Telea Tecnovision

Company that was started in 1930 and from 2008 TELEA TECNOVISION establishes itself as a leader in the design and construction of high temperature vision systems. Today it sports more than 300 installations around the world.

USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Uzbekistan, Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Russia, China, Portugal, Poland, Peru, Honduras, Morocco, Oman, Mexico, Norway ... to name the few. Ask for a complete reference list.