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Door access cards and keychain tags. Proximity (contactless) technology.

Please find various access cards and keychain tags on this page. Minimum order is 100 cards / tags or box of cards for Keyscan systems. Those come in boxes of 50. In regards to the physical form of the credentials you are trying to order there are 3 basic choices to be made:

1. Hard shell ABS cards. They always have a slot for the badge holder.

2. PVC cards. They are white, thin, resemble credit cards and can be printed on using PVC ID card printer.

3. Keychain tags. They are made of ABS.

All 3 types of credentials are doing same job so there are no preferences there. However there are two more very important decision to be made. Coding and numbering. There are 2 basic choices:

1. Coding format. Common format is 26 bit Wiegand, but if your card access system uses proprietary format YOU MUST know about that so right one is ordered.

2. Numbering consists of 2 numbers. FC, Facility Code which is usually 3 digit number from 001 to 255 and 5 digit serial number that is usually anything between 00001 and 65525

If you are not aware of specific FC your system uses you can order anything. However if your card access system is set to accept only single or few FC codes you MUST order that code otherwise new cards will not be recognized by the system. 

Finally there is also issue of card numbers. It is responsibility of person ordering to know which numbers are present in their card access system in order to avoid ordering duplicates. If sales person is able to offer off shelf stock items he will always ask do you accept available card sequences. Person ordering must explicity agree on that or insist on getting custom card numbers range. There will be a lead time before factory makes custom cards, but that can't be avoided.

There are manufacturers that take out problem of card FC and numbers. They supply always numbers that never repeat. Example of manufacturer like that is Keyscan. Every box of their supplied cards and tags is unique. By the way Keyscan uses 36 bit high security format. 

As a last word. "Original" and compatible cards are essentially same thing and will open your doors with no difference. Thanks to that fact we are glad to supply Made in Canada (Toronto) 26 bit access cards that are HID compatibles and cost about 50% of HID products.