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We have selection of the most popular Java smart cards. Older models are mentioned, but not be available any more. 

Java Card is the leading open, interoperable platform for secure elements, enabling smart cards and other tamper-resistant chips to host multiple applications using Java technology. Java Card is an execution platform that can store and update multiple applications on a single resource-constrained device, while retaining the highest certification levels and compatibility with standards. Test your software and applications by ordering a few test cards before committing to order in quantity. There are no refunds, exchanges or refunds for the purchased smart cards.

Java OS was developed and belongs to Oracle corporation, USA. Java enables development in advanced, secure environment and is capable of multitude applications. 

Java smart cards are the most used chip cards in the world today. Java high performance chips are used in hundreds of millions of the smart cards worldwide:

* Banking cards
* Loyalty cards
* Payment cards
* Membership cards
* Health cards
* National ID cards
* Military cards
* Transport and ticketing
* Biometric applications
* Student ID cards