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Looking for the perfect camera for your stainless steel enclosure? We might have more than few options ...


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Looking for suitable cameras to use with Tecnovideo stainless steel enclosures? Here is a selection of high performance, low cost, feature rich cameras. They all can fit 129 series enclosures. No need to search for lenses since all cameras have integrated high performance zoom lenses. 22 x up to 33 x optical zoom plus digital zoom capabilities.

IPC series cameras are Tecnovideo's own brand. Made in Far East, tested and installed in hundreds of installations under harsh environment conditions. Wide temperature working range. 2 year Warranty. IP ready. Order extra or with your orders of enclosures. 


Cameras for every application:

* 2M, 3M, 4k Ultra HD resolution
* -30C - +55C (-22F - 131F) temperature range
* H264, H265, MJPEG video compression formats
* 22x - 33x integrated optical zoom lenses
* 12V - 24V power
* Video motion detection
* Tampering detection
* Network failure detection
* Audio streaming
* Day/Night
* VMS capability and compatibility
* Imager sensitivity: color 0.04 lux to B/W 0.002 lux

Optional accessories
Cameras fit every 129 and larger series enclosures