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Extreme environments require extreme solutions. Cameras and vision systems for working temperatures of up to 2200 deg. C - 4000 deg. F. 

Ever wanted to peek into the burner chamber? You know the place where things are burning hot. Now you can! We are bringing to you a camera systems that will allow operator to observe what is going on in high temperature places. Those cameras can take heat up to 2200 degrees Celsius. Cameras have active cooling with air or water to protect them from being melted themselves. Typical places where industrial process with extremely high temperatures are but not limited to: 

  1. Iron and steel plants. Conscious that the systems provided are strategic for the customer and for his production’s targets, Telea Tecnovision dedicates continuously resources to develop and realize more and more reliable solutions that prove to be of easy maintenance. The attention is also addressed to provide an elevated degree of interface with the processing automation, giving the possibility of an interconnection with PLC and DCS, in order to increase the integration level among the systems. The application areas are wide and concern mainly the inside supervision for re-heating furnaces, rolling mills, EBT, LF, VOD and continuous casting process.
  2. Glass plants. The visualization inside the glass furnace is certainly the most difficult application to realize owing to the presence of high temperature, brightness and substances extremely aggressive. Among the many applications requested there are the supervision of burner’s flames, the control of fusion process, the check of top-roll during the Float process, and also the supervision of the machinery for bottles production. The experience of Telea Tecnovision in this field is worldwide recognized.
  3. Power plants. Since the ’70 Telea Tecnovision’s system are used to check the boiler’s flame of frontal, front-back and tangential burners. The great experience acquired in this field leads to offer a product based on a consolidated project that, in conjuncion with the quality of the materials employed, such as optical periscopes and scabbards made of special steels, enables to guarantee a certain return of the investment over time. Telea Tecnovision supports the customer offering technical services, maintenance activities and spare parts all over the world, also for systems installed more than 30 years ago.
  4. Cement plants. The main critical points of the process can be controlled using the Telea Tecnovision’s high temperature cameras. The visual control of the burner flames, as well as the supervision of the material formation before its entrance in the grid are fundamental. It is also typical necessity for a cement factory to hold in check the remote points of activity: to compensate the problem of the distance, Telea Tecnovision is able to realize solutions based on optical fibre, IP networks and radio frequency transmission.

Typical application environment for the Telea cooled cameras. Environmental temperature ranges from about 50 deg. C (120 F) up to 2000 deg. C. (3600 F).

Operator in the control room must be able to see all the important points in each phase of production.

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Smelter with molten metal

We also offer a CCTV vision systems capable to withstanding conditions of up to 2200 degrees Celsius - 4000 degrees Fahrenheit.

That practically means looking at the burner in high temperature furnace and watching metals and rock turn into liquid form.

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Glass furnace in action. Camera is right there to observe sensitive process and give operator right information form of live CCTV video.

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Glass furnace in action